Find the Courage and Concepts to Live, Love & Learn Freely with Healthy Boundaries

“BOUNDARIES are not about controlling someone else. You can only control YOU.”

Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo


A LINE IN THE SAND is a collection of fourteen short stories of people, across three continents, who reach a pivotal point in their relationships where they are forced to draw the proverbial line in the sand and set healthy boundaries. The decisions that follow, in this culturally diverse and insightful work of fiction, are both irrevocable and liberating.

For these couples: to surmount these situations in their marriages is to confront pervasive mindsets, navigate cultural biases and accept personal responsibility. From in-laws to infertility, money to manipulation, suspicion to support, adversity to abuse, the themes in these stories touch on pervasive issues in marriage.

Alaere is forced to consider a lifetime of marriage to her picture-perfect fiancé who seems like “Every Woman’s Dream Man”, the teacher gets schooled in “Husband Training”. “The Prophet” chronicles a woman’s experience with her in-laws while battling with infertility. Laugh as friends weigh in on marital issues in “If It Were Me”. See domestic abuse through the eyes of a nanny, Barile and get emotional as a couple precariously face adversity in the title story, “A Line in The Sand”.

Suffused with hope, humor and heart, the stories told are authentic and relatable. By establishing necessary boundaries, these characters provide inspiration for calibrating our own lives and relationships.

Why You Should Read This book

Learn how to communicate effectively to foster understanding and resolve conflict

Learn to take responsibility for your own happiness

Learn how to give grace and maintain boundaries in relationships

Learn how to give and receive love without bitterness or resentment

Learn to stay true to your values even in a marriage.

Learn how to use and keep consequences with boundaries

Awesome testimonials

“Bralade is an amazing storyteller & exceptional communicator. We need more books like this to shed light on topics that are pivotal in supporting healthy marriages and family values, for transgenerational impact. The fact that we get to read these stories through a rich cultural lens makes it all the more refreshing and relatable."
Business Consultant, Leadership Expert, and Motivational Speaker.
With this collection, I believe that Bralade has launched herself as a writer with a promising future. The stories are all direct in their presentation of action and emotion, and in their portrayal of character, so that at the end of each story we come away with a sense of a complete action. A brilliant debut!”
Literary Critic
Bralade has undressed stigmas, fears, questions, love, life, and wisdom. Despite the many wonders in "A Line in the Sand", I believe the biggest gift might be the healing that truth will bring to you. You would feel seen, understood, and loved. You might find yourself forgiving yourself... this is an un-put-down-able type of art; scripted delicately with brilliance, suspense, soul-deep writing, and love.
Author, Coach and Public Policy Advisor

Awesome testimonials

In this book, Bralade uses compelling stories to drive home a subject that we hardly hear enough of - Boundaries! Be warned, it is a can't-drop-it-till-you're-done kinda book!
Event/Radio Host. Convener, the Little Genius Championship
Thank you, Bralade for this priceless gift to the world and for showing us that we are not alone, no matter the demons we are fighting. This is a movement! A campaign! A much-needed conversation.
Founder, Ikoro-Igboamaka (Society, Culture & Language Platform)
This book is a campaign for more self-worth; it is a compass in identifying broken boundaries and a reminder to set the limit before adversity and wrong influences erodes one's core. Thank you for bringing this gift to our world.
Poet & Author



Spouse and Faithful Cheerleader

Rising from the ashes of servitude as a phoenix. Reinventing oneself. Envisioning and implementing limits. These are tenets that Bralade lives by. As a biased observer and cheerleader, this collection of well woven stories shows only a fraction of her nigh infinite talent, drive, and oratorical skill.


Stories project important conversations. These mirror events and problems of financial strain, delayed conception, verbal abuse, in-law theatrics, religious manipulation, and relationship stress. While unveiling each plot and conclusion, she delivers one consistent message: Boundaries Matter!


Author, Relationship and Mindset Coach.


Bestselling Author, Book writing Coach & Film maker

It would have been okay for Bralade to just teach the incredible lessons on boundaries she shares here, but she was gracious enough, awesome enough to wrap it all in delicious story telling that is every readers dream.


Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo is the founder of Preach What You Practice Media, home of the PWYP Book Series, Podcast and Institute. Bralade’s work of fiction embodies the rich culture of her heritage and universal principles to live by. An ardent advocate of thriving relationships, she coaches individuals and couples to embrace their personal power and leverage healthy boundaries. Bralade is a writer, speaker, coach, podcaster, engineer, leader and minister. She champions purpose fulfilment, gender and cultural diversity, equity & inclusion. She makes her home in Houston with her three kids and husband, Obioha.



Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

The stories paint a vivid picture of possibilities and problems in marriages. Boundaries are critical for a successful thriving relationship and Bralade’s stories highlight this fact. This book is a great read with a transformational message.


University of Bradford.

There is a delicious paradox in each beautifully crafted story in ‘A Line in the Sand’. The themes, the characters, the complex issues it deals with are all so achingly familiar and yet the unfolding of each plot startles us! We have been gifted in this brilliant collection, not just a truly satisfying literary experience, but also an open door to start new conversations.


In her first book, A Line In The Sand, Bralade skillfully narrates testimonies of love in a way that rekindles our belief in destiny and the ability of people to find each other no matter where, when or how.


Author, The Perfect Church

Because I saw myself and several people I know in the pages of Line in the Sand, I kept on reading until the very end. Bralade has written fourteen beautiful stories in a style that is uniquely hers... Lovers of lucid writing, courageous people will love what she has done.


Author, The Mechanics of Yenagoa


Bestselling Author & Master Life Coach

Bralade is an amazing woman with a strong drive and a life changing passion. Her words and perspective are truly unparalleled. If you have ever been at a crossroads in your relationship and you’re looking to be understood you picked up the right book!