I'm Bralade Koroye Emenanjo

Author, Speaker Coach, Leader 


A LINE IN THE SAND is a collection of fourteen short stories of people, across three continents, who reach a pivotal point in their relationships where they are forced to draw the proverbial line in the sand and set healthy boundaries. The decisions that follow, in this culturally diverse and insightful work of fiction, are both irrevocable and liberating.

For these couples: to surmount these situations in their marriages is to confront pervasive mindsets, navigate cultural biases and accept personal responsibility. From in-laws to infertility, money to manipulation, suspicion to support, adversity to abuse, the themes in these stories touch on pervasive issues in marriage.

Alaere is forced to consider a lifetime of marriage to her picture-perfect fiancé who seems like “Every Woman’s Dream Man”, the teacher gets schooled in “Husband Training”. “The Prophet” chronicles a woman’s experience with her in-laws while battling with infertility. Laugh as friends weigh in on marital issues in “If It Were Me”. See domestic abuse through the eyes of a nanny, Barile and get emotional as a couple precariously face adversity in the title story, “A Line in The Sand”.

Suffused with hope, humor and heart, the stories told are authentic and relatable. By establishing necessary boundaries, these characters provide inspiration for calibrating our own lives and relationships.